New Writing Group

I hung out with a trio of other local writers tonight, as we took some tentative steps toward creating a new writing/critiquing group. It’s something I’ve been lacking for a while.  I have one person I’ve been working with consistently who’s amazing, but she’s only one person. Having a group of people look over your stuff is better, even if they all say the same things (though they almost never will), because it gives you a better sense of how your story is working, and if you’ve well and truly written something that just doesn’t work no matter who the reader is.

Since we’re people with assorted combinations of jobs and children and families and responsibilities, we’ve settled on once a month for now, and we’ll see where that takes us. The first get-together next month will give us a better sense of how we work as a team, and whether or not we want to grow in number.

Since I’ve been slowing down considerably with my writing of late, it will also be a good kick in the pants to get more stuff written. Sometimes the best muse is a deadline.


The Home Stretch

The current (long) short story keeps chugging along. I only have one scene to replace and then it’s on to checking for continuity errors and seeing if the writing I’ve added isn’t completely terrible, since almost half the story is basically a first draft now. This is definitely the most effort I’ve ever put into a short story, and it’s not even done. It will need another draft or two but mostly that will be to fix little things, once this scene is done there won’t be any big fixes hopefully.

Tonight’s also been a bad wrist night so I’ve put aside the chainmail for now. There’s nothing like twisting stiff bits of metal around repeatedly to make you wish for less painful hobbies. Like sleeping.

Speaking of which. I’ve done all the writing I’m going to do on this story tonight, so I’m turning in.

Needing a Break from the Weekend

It’s official, I’ve spent too much time swimming over the last four days of this extra-long weekend. Tonight, I drove over to a local coffee shop to get some mostly distraction-free and completely Internet-free writing done, and as I was sitting there, rubbing the bridge of my nose in concentration, I felt pain. Pain all around my eye socket, which worried me until I realized that it was from my swim goggles. It wouldn’t normally be a problem but I think I’ve been wearing them for an average of three to four hours a day since last Thursday, and possibly that’s too much. I hope it doesn’t bruise or I’m going to look like a raccoon. Or a moron. Probably just a moron.

Probably I should also loosen the goggles a tad.

But I did get almost an hour and a half of rewriting done tonight. Baby steps. Hints of progress. It’s the only writing I’ve done n almost five days so I’ll take it. It’ll almost be nice to go back to work tomorrow because these last few days off have completely worn me down, and I didn’t even do any yardwork.

Besides the writing, I’ve also picked up the chainmail shirt from last October again. I want to make the shirt longer, add half-sleeves, and make a coif (a long hood), but I don’t want to leave it all until October because that will be murder on the wrists and will also leave me with absolutely zero writing time. I figure I can easily spend 10 minutes a day between now and October and make enough progress that I can spend the month before Halloween finishing the armor without sacrificing all of my writing.

Canada Day

Today my country turns 145 years old, my cat turns 10, and I feel like I’ve been awake for more years than those two numbers together.

Another busy day starting with soccer, then we had friends and their children over and we all splashed around in the pool for the better part of three hours. A quick pizza supper after that, and then some fireworks by the water. The skies were clear, and the moon was fairly close to full. It all made for some nice effects and reflections.

Taken in the dark, obviously, with a three year old phone camera and all the low-resolution that entails, but you get the idea. Those were some low sparks. The larger, higher ones were often at the perfect spot, from where we were sitting, to reproduce a rather famous effect.

So pretty, as if a million voices… Well, you know the rest.


Check My Brain

The kids, having gone to bed very late what with last night’s party, slept in this morning until almost 8:30, which is relatively late for them. After a late-morning soccer game for my youngest son, we finished most of the post-party cleanup and then retreated to the pool for a couple of hours.

Actually, that’s a lie. Just before going to the pool I walked into the bedroom to grab something and fell onto the bed thinking I was just going to lie down for a second and stretch my back out a bit. I got out of bed almost an hour and a half later. I had a rough time falling asleep last night after going to bed. I don’t know if it was the excitement or the coffee, but I was wrecked when I woke up. I thought for a while that I was going to fall asleep at my son’s soccer game but I’m glad I didn’t because he scored the sweetest of goals. He gets very few and was awfully proud of himself.

Tonight, I thought I was still with it but I think it’s time to turn in. I’ve been sipping at a cup of tea for half an hour now, wondering why my fruity herbal tea was so much more bitter than usual, and them remembered that I’d made a cup of black tea.

In further evidence of my non-functioning brain, I read through the current draft of a short story looking for things to edit and found not a single thing to change. I know the mistakes are there because I highlighted them on the printout of the story – the printout I completely forgot to use while editing tonight. If it takes my half an hour to realize I’m drinking the completely wrong kind of tea and another half hour to realize I’m not even really reading what I’m reading, it’s time to tune out.

I’m hoping it’s just exhaustion, because if my brain has checked out into vacation mode already it’s going to be a VERY long week before my vacation actually starts.

Friday! (part deux)

Shortest post ever. Going to bed at 3am after massive house party with way too much food, but it was great. Hope to be more coherent tomorrow evening.


Even though it’s not really Friday, it feels like my Friday because I’m off tomorrow for an extra-long weekend. Monday’s Canada Day so I get four days off in all. Then I head back to work for four days and I’m off on vacation for two weeks. What’s better is that work isn’t even all that crazy.

Usually before I leave for vacation there’s this mad rush to get things wrapped up at work before disappearing, but this time things are actually less hectic than normal. When things are that busy, by the time vacation hits there’s a day or two of just not working that needs to be done before you can actually start to unwind into your vacation, and then there’s the days of dread at the end before going back. If things hold course, it will be nice to just go on vacation and hopefully head back to work not with a sense of horror but simply feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Tomorrow my wife is having a huge belated birthday party here with a live band and all, so there’s tons of preparations to do beforehand. I’m getting some writing done now because I’m almost certain that I won’t get any time for it tomorrow. There will be last minute shopping to do, and cleaning, and food preparation, but it should be a huge pile of fun.