Oof, there’s more dust in here than I figured there would be. I fell short on a lot of my resolutions for the last year. Okay, I fell short on all my resolutions from last year, though a lot of it is my own fault for setting the bar so high.

In all honesty, I had some really rough patches this year that made it exceedingly hard for me to do anything more than wake up, trudge through some day-to-day responsibilities and go back to bed. I’m hoping for a much better year, and so I’m back here, as part of the process of seeing what’s out there.

I’m amazed at the traffic on this blog. I’d have figured that it would have flatlined after over 5 months without a new post, but people still keep coming here. I won’t repeat last year’s resolution to post once a day because it hurt more than it helped, but I will try and come in here more often, and to try to find interesting things to put here.

I do have writing goals for the year, but they certainly aren’t going to look like the 1 million words challenge I threw at myself last year. In short, I’d like to write a new short story every month, and I’d like to finish the first drafts of two novel ideas. These should be pretty attainable goals, and it’ll be good to get back to writing again.

Also, reading. This is something that I’d neglected for a while, but I want to set myself a solid reading goal for the year. Books, graphic novels, short story collections… all that good stuff. I think one a week would be very easy, which is why I’m tempted to set a goal of 100, but I think that might be too high. Maybe I’ll split the difference and say 75 books for the year. I certainly have the pile of reading material to fill most of the year, and it’s about damn time I made a dent in it.

Happy new year to you all.


3 responses to “Unresolved

  • Lillian Brown

    How is your writing coming along?

  • mlorenson

    I went a lot of months without writing anything at all because I just wasn’t in the right headspace for it, but I’ve been polishing off a novel outline over the last month or so that I feel has really come together (I’m a dedicated outliner, I need to know everything there is to know before I throw myself into a story).
    I was hoping that a two-week vacation would give me the time to start but it hasn’t happened. Very soon, hopefully, and when I get up to speed I’ll try and get back into regularly updating the blog as well.

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