Two More Sleeps

Tomorrow’s my last day of work before vacation, and Saturday morning we fly down to Orlando and Universal Studios. My kids are really excited to get going, and they’ve packed up all their stuff already. They’ve even been walking around all day with their carry-on backpacks, as though the plane ride wasn’t still forty-something hours away. I’ll be packing tomorrow, hopefully during the day because I don’t like packing last minute. That’s the best way to forget things.

I will have my netbook with me while I’m down there, but I don’t know if there’s wi-fi where we’ll be staying, and I’m certainly not going to tether this thing to my phone, given the ridiculously stupid international roaming rates. That means that I may miss out on blogging for the week I’m away, but some things can’t be helped.

At the very least, even if there is wi-fi where we’re staying and it’s even slightly reliable, the odds are good that I’m just not going to have much time or energy to spend online. I’m hoping for a couple of quiet evenings where I can sit and get a little bit of writing done, but I don’t expect many of those nights.

For tonight, I’m going to jump offline now and try to nail down that last scene so I can get some editing in tomorrow.


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