New Writing Group

I hung out with a trio of other local writers tonight, as we took some tentative steps toward creating a new writing/critiquing group. It’s something I’ve been lacking for a while.  I have one person I’ve been working with consistently who’s amazing, but she’s only one person. Having a group of people look over your stuff is better, even if they all say the same things (though they almost never will), because it gives you a better sense of how your story is working, and if you’ve well and truly written something that just doesn’t work no matter who the reader is.

Since we’re people with assorted combinations of jobs and children and families and responsibilities, we’ve settled on once a month for now, and we’ll see where that takes us. The first get-together next month will give us a better sense of how we work as a team, and whether or not we want to grow in number.

Since I’ve been slowing down considerably with my writing of late, it will also be a good kick in the pants to get more stuff written. Sometimes the best muse is a deadline.


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