Needing a Break from the Weekend

It’s official, I’ve spent too much time swimming over the last four days of this extra-long weekend. Tonight, I drove over to a local coffee shop to get some mostly distraction-free and completely Internet-free writing done, and as I was sitting there, rubbing the bridge of my nose in concentration, I felt pain. Pain all around my eye socket, which worried me until I realized that it was from my swim goggles. It wouldn’t normally be a problem but I think I’ve been wearing them for an average of three to four hours a day since last Thursday, and possibly that’s too much. I hope it doesn’t bruise or I’m going to look like a raccoon. Or a moron. Probably just a moron.

Probably I should also loosen the goggles a tad.

But I did get almost an hour and a half of rewriting done tonight. Baby steps. Hints of progress. It’s the only writing I’ve done n almost five days so I’ll take it. It’ll almost be nice to go back to work tomorrow because these last few days off have completely worn me down, and I didn’t even do any yardwork.

Besides the writing, I’ve also picked up the chainmail shirt from last October again. I want to make the shirt longer, add half-sleeves, and make a coif (a long hood), but I don’t want to leave it all until October because that will be murder on the wrists and will also leave me with absolutely zero writing time. I figure I can easily spend 10 minutes a day between now and October and make enough progress that I can spend the month before Halloween finishing the armor without sacrificing all of my writing.


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