Check My Brain

The kids, having gone to bed very late what with last night’s party, slept in this morning until almost 8:30, which is relatively late for them. After a late-morning soccer game for my youngest son, we finished most of the post-party cleanup and then retreated to the pool for a couple of hours.

Actually, that’s a lie. Just before going to the pool I walked into the bedroom to grab something and fell onto the bed thinking I was just going to lie down for a second and stretch my back out a bit. I got out of bed almost an hour and a half later. I had a rough time falling asleep last night after going to bed. I don’t know if it was the excitement or the coffee, but I was wrecked when I woke up. I thought for a while that I was going to fall asleep at my son’s soccer game but I’m glad I didn’t because he scored the sweetest of goals. He gets very few and was awfully proud of himself.

Tonight, I thought I was still with it but I think it’s time to turn in. I’ve been sipping at a cup of tea for half an hour now, wondering why my fruity herbal tea was so much more bitter than usual, and them remembered that I’d made a cup of black tea.

In further evidence of my non-functioning brain, I read through the current draft of a short story looking for things to edit and found not a single thing to change. I know the mistakes are there because I highlighted them on the printout of the story – the printout I completely forgot to use while editing tonight. If it takes my half an hour to realize I’m drinking the completely wrong kind of tea and another half hour to realize I’m not even really reading what I’m reading, it’s time to tune out.

I’m hoping it’s just exhaustion, because if my brain has checked out into vacation mode already it’s going to be a VERY long week before my vacation actually starts.


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