Even though it’s not really Friday, it feels like my Friday because I’m off tomorrow for an extra-long weekend. Monday’s Canada Day so I get four days off in all. Then I head back to work for four days and I’m off on vacation for two weeks. What’s better is that work isn’t even all that crazy.

Usually before I leave for vacation there’s this mad rush to get things wrapped up at work before disappearing, but this time things are actually less hectic than normal. When things are that busy, by the time vacation hits there’s a day or two of just not working that needs to be done before you can actually start to unwind into your vacation, and then there’s the days of dread at the end before going back. If things hold course, it will be nice to just go on vacation and hopefully head back to work not with a sense of horror but simply feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Tomorrow my wife is having a huge belated birthday party here with a live band and all, so there’s tons of preparations to do beforehand. I’m getting some writing done now because I’m almost certain that I won’t get any time for it tomorrow. There will be last minute shopping to do, and cleaning, and food preparation, but it should be a huge pile of fun.

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