Old Blue Leg

I mentioned last week that I thought I had pulled both my quads while playing tennis. Both legs were sore the rest of the night and for the next couple of days, but the pain in my right leg went away after three days or so. The left leg isn’t doing so well. It’s less stiff than it was that first day, but it’s more sore and today, almost a full week after hurting it, it’s starting to bruise. The whole quad is coloring up to a nice blue from the knee up. I don’t know what the continued discomfort and the delayed bruising are indicative of, but let’s say that it’s felt better.

Also, my son’s been coughing for the last day or so, and today he started complaining about a sore throat, just as my own throat was starting to bother me when swallowing. If this keeps up and I start hurting in the right places I’ll be sore from top to bottom!

In the injury and illness department, this hasn’t been a very good year. Things could always be worse, but they’re not usually this consistently bad. I just have to hope that whatever ails me now goes away soon enough. In ten days we leave for vacation and I’d rather not leave with a gimpy leg and a throat infection or whatever this happens to be. Tonight, less writing, more painkillers and sleep.


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