The Home Stretch

When does getting older stop hurting? Tonight was a tennis night and now I can’t do anything with my hip besides complain about it. I don’t remember doing anything in particular to make it start hurting, but it’s like knives coming out of the bone. This weight loss and exercise initiative might be what finally puts me out to pasture, except that I’ll have to lie down in it because I can’t stand anymore.

Tomorrow is definitely going to be a shut-everything-off-and-write night. I’m calling it in advance, because this past weekend I didn’t get a chance to get anything done at all and I absolutely need to finish a few things.

In other news, the kids are going absolutely mental because it’s their last week of school and they can smell freedom like blood in the water. They don’t have any homework either this week, probably because the teachers realize that its just not going to freaking happen. What’s worse is that they’re complaining that it’s not fair that there’s ten months of school and only two months of summer vacation. Add to that the week of spring break and the two weeks at Christmas, and they still don’t seem to understand why they get no sympathy from me. I’m looking forward to my own vacation, but man would it be nice to have two months off in a row.


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