Tonight’s writing time was cancelled on account of free tickets to a football game. A coworker had four tickets he couldn’t make use of and offered them up. I’m not a football fan myself, but I know my wife’s family is so I took the tickets and brought them along.

It wasn’t a great game by the home team (The Montreal Alouettes), from my limited knowledge of the game, but it was a preseason match so some of that was to be expected, as both teams were fielding second or third rate players as tryouts before the real season starts. Still, it was more entertaining than I expected it to be. Slower paced than ice hockey by a wide margin, but fun enough to watch when there was a spot of action.

Probably not enough fun to merit my spending money on tickets, and parking, and whatever else, but not at all a bad way to spend an evening with some of the extended family.


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