The Kings of the Hockey World

I was following a live blog earlier today as Apple unveiled it’s new products. I’ve been saying for a while that I was tired of my netbook, mourning how it really was no fit replacement for an everyday computer which got, you know, used. I was waiting for Apple to unveil it’s new products because it would give me something to compare other laptops to. I wish I had the money to spend on them. I really want something with at least a 15 inch screen, but that tends to drive the price way up. Big screens mean big bodies, which means manufacturers stuff the space with hardware and make those their more expensive models. I’ll have to decide what my budget will be, after some negotiation with my wife most likely, and I’ll probably look to buy a laptop next month around my birthday, after we get back from vacation. There’s no way I want to haul a brand spanking new laptop through TSA  checkpoints. That feels like asking for trouble.

I have to congratulate the L.A. Kings on winning the Stanley Cup tonight. I never get tired of seeing grown men cry while hoisting a prize they’ve been working for their whole life. I managed to catch the last period of tonight’s game after tennis and the Kings worked well and hard to keep their lead and clinch the win. I don’t know if that was Martin Brodeur’s last game or not, but it was a little sad seeing him skate off the ice. He’s been the best goalie ever to play the game for as long as I can remember, and one of the last remaining staples from when I first got really hooked on hockey as a teen. With Nick Lidstrom already retiring this year, there aren’t very many players left from that time.


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