I didn’t check the weather forecast at all today, but it was blasted hot. Sunny, no clouds, humid, and very little wind. After getting a wondrous eleven hours of sleep last night, I woke up with a fair bit of energy and launched myself into three hours of yardwork before leaving around 2pm to go play some tennis.

Why I keep forgetting things like this, I’ll never know, but I do. Playing tennis for two hours in the middle of the afternoon on a hot day is NOT like playing tennis for two hours in the evening when it’s cooler and darker. We were pretty cooked by the time we were done, and definitely out of water to drink. One friend who couldn’t play but felt the need to get out of her house delivered popsicles at one point. That may have been what kept us alive, so thanks Pat!

Speaking of staying alive, tonight was RPG night after yesterday’s cancellation. I really thought tonight might be the night where I killed off a player, but they surprised me by taking the time to think themselves around a situation and avoiding what would have been a complete and total slaughter. I’m a little disappointed. I’m starting to think I printed out extra blank character sheets for nothing. I’m going to have to try harder if I want to kill one of them dead.


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