The Worst Part is the Waiting

I rushed my kids to bed because I found out I had emergency day-job work to start around 8pm. At 8pm I found out it would be closer to 10pm. I just found out that I’ll find out in a little while whether it’s approved for around 11, and if not I expect I’ll be waiting in increments to find out what’s going to happen. I’d rather not spend the night checking every hour or two to find out if someone pulled the trigger or not, but that’s the nature of computer and network support.

In the meantime, I’m revising that short story which feels full of brilliant potential but it resisting me. Speaking of pulling the trigger, I’ve been holding back on one of the novel outlines at the brainstorming phase, because no matter how many times I look at the pile of random ideas, I still feel that there’s something missing. I may have to do some trigger pulling of my own and try to organize the bits and pieces into a beginning-to-end outline. For one thing, I can’t just leave it forever, I need to start something new. For another, in the assembling of the random ideas, the bits I think are missing may just happen to show up.

And so it goes…


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