To Send or Not to Send

I wasn’t feeling great this morning, but returned to more or less normal through the day. Thankfully whatever the bug was, it was short lived enough not to interfere with day to day stuff.

Tonight I had an unexpected pile of day-job work to do, but I also got to doing short story work. I’m in sort of a strange place wth this story. I wrote it mostly as a throwaway piece, not expecting it to do anything. I was intended to be something funny and stupid to clear my head and get me back into the habit of writing. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be something worth submitting for publication.

But the story grew as I wrote it. It took over completely. Ideas came hard and fast, demanding attention, and it turned into a halfway solid story, one which had a lot of flaws but which I thought might be worth another look. A writer friend who looked it over said it had a “pantload of potential”. And so I left it alone for a few weeks, then dug it out and gave it another look when it was cold enough. I crossed things out, made notes in the margins, and then the story took over again. More ideas, better ideas, really good ideas. I think this next draft has a chance to kick some serious ass.

And, almost as if by miracle, not long after I finished writing the first draft I saw a request for submissions for an anthology (edited by someone I know who I have a lot of respect for) which would be an absolutely perfect fit for this story, except that it doesn’t pay very well. Less than I earned for my previous writing, at any rate. So do I hold out and try to send this story to a better paying market with a larger readership, or do I give first shot at rejection/acceptance to what might be the perfect home? I was hoping to start submitting to places that paid pro rates, or close to it, but money isn’t everything. Not even close.

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