I haven’t been feeling good at all since mid-afternoon. I’d like to blame dubious hamburgers from Saturday night but it seems a little long ago for it to be that.

Despite my better judgement, I went to play tennis tonight. I don’t regret going, but I might in the morning. I’ve got that wierd kind of nausea where even water tastes funny so I suspect I’ll be more than a little dehydrated in the morning, but with any luckl the exercise will have helped my body purge some of the bleh.

I am, however, down 6.2 pounds from last week, despite the pair of parties over the weekend. That too may be attributable to the general intestinal unhappiness, but I’ll take it. I’d like to lose another five by next Monday, and I have less partying scheduled to get in the way of my slimming down. I’m not going to hit my resolution goal, but it’s still weight that desperately needs to be lost.

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  • Kris

    It wasn’t the hamburgers, it was me…I thought it was side effects of my medication, but it turned out I had gastro…Sorry about that Mike.

  • mlorenson

    I doubt it, Kris, no need to apologize. This was two days after your party, and it was over fairly quickly for gastro. It was probably just something else minor.

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