I was just thinking this morning that since I’ve started losing a couple of pounds, I’m having fewer joint problems. Tonight I was at a party at a friend’s house, celebrating multiple birthdays and a wedding anniversary, and I figured it was as good a night as any to have a cheat night, so I ate heartily and enjoyed myself, and by the end of the night I was feeling pains. It’s not the first time this has happened either. It’s as though my body is protesting, reminding me of why I don’t want to eat crap in the first place.

The L.A. Kings won their second game in the Stanley Cup finals a little while ago. From the little I’ve seen of the series, it seems to be a classic goalie war. Both Quick and Brodeur are filling up the highlight reels. The Kings definitely have the advantage now, up 2-0 in the series, but given the number of times I’ve seen Brodeur steal a game over the course of his career, I won’t count the Devils out until they’re out.

As expected, I didn’t get a chance to cut the grass because of the rain. I did get to go watch my kid play soccer in a wet field though. Also, I was too stupid to put on a spring coat, and it was windy and chilly today, so I spent the hour holding my giant umbrella at an angle to cut the wind. There’s another game tomorrow, I’m hoping it will be a little bit warmer for that one.


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