It’s strange to think that the year is almost half over. It doesn’t feel like that much of 2012 has passed by already. On the up side, in a little over a month, we’ll be heading out for our family vacation. Also, there are a lot of summer parties to look forward to. That won’t help the weight loss, but it should do wonders for my morale.

I played more tennis tonight, and it started off well enough but was pretty laughable by the end. My friend was tired after a 5km run and a couple of hours of boxing sparring earlier in the day. I had no excuse aside from having seriously reduced my calorie intake, but we were both gassed after a while, giving each other points out of sheer inability to run a ball down for the return.

We kept playing, despite discomfort and better judgement, but I can feel some muscles seizing up now. Fortunately I may get a reprieve from mowing the lawn since it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Unfortunately that means it’ll be twice as long next week, and a right pain in the ass to cut.


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