To Health!

I had my annual checkup with my doctor this afternoon, and there are no signs that I’m going to drop dead any time soon. Given my current weight (though it’s started dropping this week) I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some small hiccup somewhere in the results, but I’m not going to argue if everything’s perfect. I’m also not going to wait for something to go wrong, the weight loss continues. I haven’t stopped craving junk yet, but it should happen soon.

I’m almost done making notes for the next draft of my most recent short story. I like the direction it’s taking, and I’m starting to think it’s got more potential than I ever gave it credit for. Time will tell. This is the sort of break I wanted to take before editing it the first time but I had writing group deadlines to meet. I always do my best editing when the story is cold. Story-wise that’s true, at any rate, you can fix typos no matter how long it’s been since you wrote something.

I’m sore from a second bout of tennis tonight, but it’s less bad than Monday was. I’m going to shower and see if I can finish those short story notes before I fall asleep.


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