I’m blogging early. There are thunderstorm warnings everywhere, and parts of Montreal are badly flooded, so I’m not going to bet much money on not losing power tonight. I want to get the computery things done before that happens.

I’ll probably spend the night offline, since I wanted to get started on the next draft of my most recent short story. Step one is to take out the printed copy of the previous draft and kill it with fire make a lot of marks on it with assorted pen colours. For whatever reason, I always start off in a super organized manner, picking different types of ink and highlighters for different types of problems or edits, and eventually I realize that there are too many different types of problems for the selection of markers/pens I have and so I give up. The first few pages of my drafts look like I tossed a rainbow into a spirograph, and the last bit is usually just marked up in red.

I think I’ll just start with red this time and skip the mess.

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