Tonight was the first tennis game of the year, and it hurt every bit as much as I expected it to, though I held my own reasonably well. I can only imagine what tomorrow morning will bring.

Also, after several false starts at the weight loss resolution, I’m trying again starting today. So not only am I tired and sore from tennis, but I would kill for a bag of Doritos with guacamole and candy sprinkles. Maybe not the sprinkles, but you get the point.

It always takes me a few days to get into not-a-fat-bastard mode, but once I manage that, the rest is easy. And once I actually do manage to shed more than a pound or two, the junk food begins to look like something I simply don’t want, as opposed to something I want but am depriving myself of.

Anyway, I’m going to hobble over to where my bed is and fall in its general direction. I may even fall into it in something resembling a sleeping position, where all my body is actually on the mattress, but I’d settle for half right now.


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