Well, it looks like I wouldn’t have needed to stay up late last night to see the Devils win their series, they clinched it pretty early in theovertime period. Still, I’m glad to have gone to bed early, otherwise I would have been extra wrecked today.

Mental note: Mike, when you have to take your kids to their soccer games and you have the presence of mind to dose them with a healthy amount of sunscreen, put some on yourself as well before sitting in the sun for an hour.

And speaking of spending time outside, I’ll be spending a little bit less of it working now. We replaced our weed trimmer this week. Where the last two we had were battery powered, this one runs on gas. All I have to say is, “holy shit”. Talk about power. I see the same difference I saw when we switched from electric mower to gas mower about seven years ago. It used to take me about three hours to mow the lawn with the electric beastie, but with the gas mower it’s an hour and a half. With this weed whipper, it took me about five minutes to do all the edges around the front of the house and the fences, something that took me fifteen to twenty with the battery whipper. Plus, the battery was the worst part of the old thing. It would be fine for a season or two, then the battery wouldn’t last for me to do what I needed to do, and eventually it got to the point where it wasn’t worth using, and the replacement batteries cost more than the whipper did. I went through two whippers in seven years, where this gas one should last me a good long time with a little bit of proper maintenance.

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