Hockey Playoffs

The NHL is something I haven’t talked about in a while because I really haven’t been paying attention to hockey this season. Well, the regular season has been over for  while, and the post-season is just about three-quarters done. Usually the playoffs are when I really tune into hockey, trying to watch as many games as possible. This year I think I’ve watched two matches. It doesn’t sound like much, but considering I watched maybe a half dozen games all season, it’s not too bad.

The LA Kings have already made it through three playoff rounds and into the final series. In the Eastern conference, the NJ Devily and the NY Rangers are still playingit out, though it could end tonight with a Devils win. I just saw the game is going into overtime, but I’m pooped so I’m definitely going to be asleep before that game finishes.

Like most sports fans, I have my favourite teams, I have teams I’m ambivalent toward, and I have teams I hate. If we have a Devils-Kings final, I’ll be pretty happy because I’ve been hoping to see the Kings make it to the end. They’re a classic example of a team that hit bottom and built their way back up through good drafting, trading, and player development. Also, one of the Kings assistant coaches taught me math in high school. Strange but true.

I’ve always liked New Jersey, since I’ve always liked local hero Martin Brodeur, and it’s a final I can honestly say I’d be happy no matter who the cup went to. Honestly though, they’ve won a few cups over the last twenty years, so they’ve had their moment of glory.

The Rangers? Not so much. I remember the Rangers of the 90s and early 00s who would spend ludicrous amounts of money bringing in overpriced fading stars and free agents, only to fail year after year. It got to the point where I started to hate the Rangers, wanting to see them lose on principle just because I didn’t like to see teams trying to buy their way to the championships. The current Rangers are not those old Rangers, but the sentiment hasn’t completely gone, so I’m definitely on the Devils bandwagon for the moment.

I’ll know in the morning if we have a matchup scheduled, or if I have to wait until the seventh Devils-Rangers game to see a series winner. I am, however, excited for the final round. I haven’t been excited about hockey all season, so this is pretty cool.

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