Holiday Monday

Today was a much less relaxing day than expected, but productive. Lots of regular chores done, and we set up a new canopy in the back yard which we’d had for a couple of weeks but never found the time to assemble.

Speaking of Assembling, we took the kids to see Avengers tonight. They loved it, and I found that the bits I laughed at the first time were just as funny the second time around. I did pick up on a few things which I felt were ff, but the fact that it took two viewings to notice them is a sign of how engrossing the film is.

Tomorrow morning I go for a blood test which I’d been putting off for a while. It was something I was going to do just before my next doctor’s appointment, but that’s next week so I need to get a move on. Fortunately, having spent three days outside in the heat has weakened my appetite, so a 12-hour fast is really not a big deal at this point.

Honestly, after the last few days at home, I’m kind of looking forward to some relaxing days at work. We’ll see how that plays out, but I’m not overly hopeful.


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