Slept in a little (the kids were up late last night, so they stayed in bed a bit later than usual this morning), then took my younger son to his soccer game. It was a oon game, it was a hot day, and I was doubly stupid.

My first mistake was in grabbing my jeans on a day when it was 31 degrees celsius without the humidity, so I spent an hour watching my son play while I cooked inside my denim shell. My second mistake was sunscreen. I was smart enough to put it on my son, and on my arms and neck, but apparently not on my face. It’s not a bad burn, or much of a burn, but I am red enough to look a little bit embarrassed, which I suppose is fitting.

There was a birthday party tonight for one of my wife’s cousins. More barbecued food, more beer, and a lot of sitting outside in the heat. For a day in which I spent a big part doing nothing more strenuous than sitting, I feel pretty sapped. I’d forgotten how lethargic I get in the heat of summer, and we haven’t hit the worst of it yet.

Tomorrow will be a more relaxed day. We may take the kids to see The Avengers, since it’s a long weekend here, and it’s one of the few days where everybody’s home and there’s nothing in the calendar. For now, a relatively early bed time.

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