Late Again

Last night I went to bed at 3am because I decided around midnight that I wanted to unwind so I loaded up Skyrim for the first time in about a month. Well, midnight probably isn’t the best time to start a fresh game, but whatever. It’s the weekend right?

Today was outdoor chores day and then out to a BBQ and board game evening at a friend’s house. I just got in now so that’s a second consecutive 3am bed time. Tomorrow is another party but it should end well before midnight. I don’t at all mind going to bed late, but I’m going to have to make an effort tomorrow and Monday to get my schedule back to normal so I can function at work on Tuesday.

I was a little disappointed about the failed SpaceX launch today, but it’s good that they caught the mechanical issue before flying off into space. I’m hopeful they’ll get it right eventually, and soon.

And so, to bed, to start again tomorrow.


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