Oof. I was fine until I sat down for the night.

I cut the grass for the first time this season. It probably could have waited another week, but I hate to leave it early in the year because when it’s long it tends to laugh in my lawnmower’s face. It’s worse when it’s wet, too, so given that I don’t know what the weather is going to be like next weekend I figured I get a start today. It still took me over two hours, but part of that was moving outdoor toys which had been left out. After that chore was done, it was on to laundry and cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

Like I said, I was fine until I sat my ass down. Now I don’t even want to go through the bother of walking to bed, though I suppose I will. Part of my problem is weight. It’s the resolution I haven’t tried at all to seriously tackle, and the way I puffed while pushing the mower was further proof that I need to do something. Weight is easy to ignore in the winter, but now that I’ll be outside a lot, mowing the lawn, biking with the kids, playing tennis, I’m going to need to get myself into better shape or I won’t last the summer. Not-eating-stupidly begins in earnest tomorrow.

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