Not Gonna Happen

Ugh, I’m throwing in the towel on Script Frenzy with one hour to go.

When I did my first count this morning I found I was at 60 pages out of a target of 100, and wondered if I had it in me to write 40 pages of comic script in one day. I also wondered how many pages I actually could write in a day. The answer to the first question is maybe, but today is not that day. The answer to the second question, for the time being, is 24.

I did manage to get other things done today, such as removing the last of the outdoor Christmas decorations that don’t involve climbing up onto the roof. Also I went to my kids music lessons. normally I sit outside for the half hour, but today my son’s piano teacher asked me to come in. I might want to regret the lost writing time, but it would only have netted me an extra three or four pages and that wouldn’t have been enough to make a difference.

I’m calling it a night due to physical/mental limitations rather than because I know I won’t make the target. I knew I wouldn’t make target two hours ago, but I kept on keeping on. My brain is turning into gravy, my eyeballs appear to be incapable of properly interpreting screen text, and my wrists have passed well beyond the pain threshold that I would normally consider to be the end of my day’s writing time. Still, twenty four pages in one day isn’t too shabby at all. 84 pages in total, while a failure for Script Frenzy, is still not a terrible total, considering the other writing that I managed to do this month. Serves me right for trying to do too many things at once, but it’s also good to test your limits every once in a while. For me, it’s partly confirmation that I’d die a horrible wrist-amputating death if I ever tried the Muskoka Novel Marathon that my friends Pat and Tobin are attempting this year. (Pat’s not just attempting, she’s owned this thing several times, so this is more to keep the streak going).

Tomorrow will be a longer post with more details on why I failed and what I can do to improve my writing pace, because there’s definitely room for improvement, but I feel that it’s going to end up costing me money.

We’ll see. For now, I’m taking my mush-filled brainpan to bed.


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