April 27th

Today was one of those fly-past-you-at-warp-nine days. You wake up in the morning, drag your feet off the side of the bed, blink, and the next thing you know you’re still in bed but it’s time to go to sleep.

Regardless, things accomplished:

1.) Birthday cupcakes. My son wanted Boston cream cupcakes to share with his class for his birthday. We baked them last night and prepared the filling, and this morning he helped ice and fill them. I drove them to his school later in the morning to avoid a disaster on the bus. From what I hear, they were a hit.

2.) Other birthday stuff. He opened his presents from us (the parents) and his brother after school. Then we went out for supper, and he stayed up late playing with his new Lego before being forced into bed. We’ve got two parties tomorrow, one in the morning for his friends at a local climbing gym, and one in the evening where all the extended family comes over for more cake. I have a feeling half my calorie intake this weekend will consist of cake and frosting.

3.) Writing. I finally finished the rewrite of the bizarre short story I started all those weeks ago. Well, short… it came out to around 10,200 words after a second draft, which is still massive for a short story, and I didn’t even add the scene I wanted to add in the rewrite or it would have been worse. I can tell it needs more work but I’m too close to it right now. Writing a new story is best done with fire and passion, but a rewrite needs to be done with a clinical detachment. You can’t excise words, phrases, and scenes if you’re attached to them. And so this one will go for review by a very trusted reader, and then will go on the shelf for a few months until I can look at it with a less parental eye. I know it has a lot of flaws but I won’t be able to iron them out until I put it away for a while.

Aside from that, ugh. I’m mostly over the cold I had at the beginning of the week (which my youngest son gave me, and he is also mostly recovered), but now my wife has it. Hopefully she’ll be feeling up to enjoying the parties tomorrow, and she has to work on Sunday so she pretty much needs to be in shape for that.

And so to bed…


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