First day of vacation was a writing failure. Some days it comes easily, some days it takes effort, and some days you stare forever at a screen and absolutely nothing happens. Today was one of those last ones.

I was planning on doing a full rewrite of the short story but I couldn’t even focus on reading the bloody thing to make corrections. I read it end to end and couldn’t remember a single word of what my eyes had just passed over. Sometimes, you just have to put it all away and start fresh the next morning.

This evening I yawned my way through a party at a friends house. My energy level hasn’t gone up, despite getting a good ten hours of sleep last night. And tonight my younger son started in with a pretty heavy cough. I’m still optimistic that it’s just me being tired, but getting worried that I’m coming down with something ugly. I’m going to try and attack it with oranges in the morning and more sleep now.

Back tomorrow, hopefully with better writing results.

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