Game Night

Tonight is RPG night, the second session in the D&D game I started about a month ago. We missed two sessions due to holiday weekends and other family obligations, so I’m expecting it’ll take a little while at the beginning to get everybody back up to speed. Particularly since we only played one game before this and not everybody had a chance to settle into their characters.

I’ve been doing some writing in bits and pieces today, but I have a giant pile of housework to do as well, so it’s pretty slow going. I’m definitely going to need this upcoming week off to do some catching up, because the lead I’d built up earlier in the month has pretty much evaporated.

And I’m still having trouble editing this most recent short story. I managed a proper read through this morning, with a few notes taken on minor corrections and a few bigger things that need to be added in, but I feel like I’m far away from being able to do anything useful with my notes. I think I’m going to set aside tomorrow to work on nothing else but this thing. Otherwise it’ll never get done.


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