Asleep at the Wheel

I have Google Alerts set up to notify me whenever my name pops up on the Internet. I’d set it up a while ago to get notifications when people on the web had posted a review of an anthology I was in and mentioned my name. I had one set up for the title of the anthology as well.

Because I’m not putting out a lot of material these days and because I don’t have a particularly common name combination (I wouldn’t be doing it if my name was John Smith), it’s a fairly low-traffic thing. Most of the time, it helpfully notifies me that I’ve put up a new blog post, in case I forgot. Sometimes, it emails me to tell me that someone said something nice, or not, about me in a review.

And every once in a while I get one along the lines of I was in a car accident two thousand kilometres away after falling asleep at the wheel. This is probably only the second time in a year and a half that I’ve gotten an alert that wasn’t related to me, and I will admit that I was terrified for an instant that I was indeed dead and was merely continuing to work and write and blog in some strange limbo. I will also admit that I have a very vivid imagination. I’m glad the guy’s all right. If it had been an obituary I’d probably have crapped my pants.

I had a bit of work that needed doing tonight, but it’s done and now I’m going to go work on that script until I fall asleep, which might be earlier than usual. My energy level’s been low the last two days. I’m hoping that it’s just too many late nights catching up to me and not the onset of some sort of Himalayan turkey flu. I’ve been sick enough this year.


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