The Lull

As expected after a late-ish night of gaming, I was more than a bit of a zombie this morning. Once the kids were off to school I opted to go back to bed for a half hour rather than write. It’s the only advantage I can think of to having to get up early in the morning so my kids can get on the bus for school – that I have over an hour to kill before I need to leave for work and can use that hour however I see fit on any given day. Also, since I’ve got a week of vacation coming up, I worked through lunch to get as much done as possible before I take off for the rest of the month so that I don’t end up leaving too much of a mess behind for my co-workers to handle while I’m away.

So, no morning writing, no lunch time writing, and tonight I have a whole mess of stuff to take care of before the boys go to school in the morning so I’m expecting a low word count night as well. I’ve also got evening events coming up tomorrow night, Saturday night, and Sunday night, so I’m not expecting to make quota for the next four days or so. It’s not the end of the world, since I’m sure that I’ll be able to do a lot of catching up next week while I’m off. One thing I hope to do tonight is finish the second issue of the graphic novel series I’m doing for Script Frenzy. It should be doable without too much pain.

I’ve also noticed that this blog is turning into somewhat of an extended personal journal, and that I’m doing less writing about things and more of just logging what I’ve been doing. This is fine for me since it’s my own stuff that I’m talking about but I expect that it’s not the most interesting series of posts for my regular readers. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that I tend to leave my blogging for late in the evening, after I’ve gotten a lot of my other writing done, and at that time I don’t have as much brain power left for doing any heavy thinking so I take the easy route. A few times, I’ve started on a post which ended up being a complete mess, and then abandoned it to just post up a writing update or some such. I may try to prepare a few posts in advance so that I have a framework of something to blog about that’s easier to finish up of an evening. If anyone has any suggestions for things that they’d like me to ramble on about, or if there are things I’ve already rambled on about that you’d like to see more of, feel free to drop me a line via the contact page of my WordPress site if you don’t want everyone to see your suggestion, or just scroll down to the comments section.


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