Slow Scripting

Script Frenzy and I are busily kicking each others asses. I’m kicking its ass because while working on it in the midst of other projects I’ve managed to put down 47 pages of graphic novel script in 16 days, and I’m not done for the night. It’s kicking my ass because those 47 pages only amount to a smidge under 9900 words. Script pages have a LOT of white space when compared to pages of short stories or novels.

47 pages of script is just a touch below par for the 16th of the month (I should be at about 54 pages out of a target of 100), but I’m still not worried because that’s part-time script writing. A solid day can easily net me 8-10 pages and I only need a few days like that to finish Script Frenzy with plenty of time to spare. The problem is that ugly 9900 word total. Since I’m trying to hit one million words of writing this year, I need to make sure I both maximize my writing time and maximize my word count during that writing time on any given day (where my daily target is about 2750). Where all of that gets to be a problem is that when I’m blogging, or writing prose, I can easily hit a pace of one thousand words an hour, usually more. Writing a script, I’m averaging about 500. So the more time I devote to Script Frenzy on any given day in order to make my page quota, the less likely I am to make my word quota. I’m trying to balance both but it’s a right pain in the ass, and all the while, there’s laundry to be folded, and food to be prepared, and dishes to clean…

I’ve done a pretty good job these past few weeks of getting myself into a routine where I get a bit of writing done in the morning before trudging off to work, and then when I’m there I try to write more during the occasional break or lunch. Days off are a breeze and I get the most done then, but still, on an average, it’s slow going. If I can keep devoting this much time to writing for the rest of the year, I think I’ll be okay, but for this month the writing of a script is working against my writing resolutions. It has been a heck of a learning experience, though, more so than my first Script Frenzy last year.


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