Easter, Again

My wife is possibly heading out of town tomorrow for a few days. Right now it’s up in the air because she’s flying standby, and won’t know until she’s cleared to get a spare spot on a plane if she’ll be going at all. She doesn’t even know where she’s going yes, since it depends on what flights have seats available, but it will be somewhere warm, either Cuba or Mexico. If she’s gone it will only be for a couple of days, and hopefully she won’t have any problems getting a seat on a flight home or it will complicate her work schedule.

On my end it wont be too big of a deal, aside from having to make sure I leave work with enough time to spare to pick the kids up after school and get supper on the table. Fortunately, I have another day of vacation time to take this week, which I can take as a couple of half days, or I can take the banked hours I accumulated while working overtime. I’m also able to work from home if worse comes to worst and I know I’ll be stuck doing full days. I know at that point that I’ll be able to get things done during breaks, or while I’m stuck on conference calls.

Today was Greek Easter, or I suppose orthodox Easter is a more appropriate term, and we had supper at my wife’s uncle’s house. Chicken and lamb brochettes, roasted lemon potatoes, feta and olives, piles of tzatziki… not to mention the usual desserts of baklava, galaktoboureko (a sweet milk pie), and other pastries. Good times, and lots of laughs. Definitely one of the meals I look forward to most over the course of any year.

We left early, since tomorrow’s a school night and we didn’t want to keep the kids up too late. Also, my wife needs to be at the airport at something like 3:45 in the morning, so she needed to get to bed early as well. I retreated to a coffee shop after the kids were asleep to get some writing done, since today was a bit of a slow day. Or rather, today was a day where I didn’t get much writing time and I wanted to do some catching up. I am, however, a little worried about my caffeine intake tonight. Force of habit meant I ordered my usual large coffee and drank half of it before realizing it was almost ten o’clock. Normally I would have went with tea at this time. Oh well, If I’m online again at three am blogging incoherently about something or other, you’ll know it was because I couldn’t sleep, and that it was my own stupid fault.

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