Friday 13th

I took today off from work, partly because I have to take some leftover vacation days before the end of April, and partly because it’s been quiet enough that I didn’t think there’d be any major crises if I wasn’t there. Looks like I was wrong, and my co-worker had a hectic Friday 13th. That’s part of the problem with doing network support for a living, the workload from day to day can be pretty hard to predict.

Taking the day off did allow me to get a few things done around the house, and to get a fair bit of writing done. I’d almost hit my daily quota by around supper time, an so I was able to watch a movie with my kids relatively guilt-free. We watched Hugo. Given how my SFF fandom friends loved it, and that it’s nominated for a Hugo award for best dramatic presentation, I expected it to have a lot more sci-fi elements in it but that part of it was relatively contained. Still, I enjoyed it and I can see why it got so much favourable attention.

I also met up with a friend for some late evening tea and writing. I finished off a scene for my current short story project. It stands at around 8,500 words and I have one scene left to write, but it’s going to be the longest one. I may have overestimated when I guessed 13,000 as  final word count, but if it doesn’t hit at least 11,000 I’ll be very surprised. And then I’ve got to revise it. I can already see several things that will need to be fleshed out, which will add even more to the overall length, before I can start a real edit where I’ll try to pare it down. I should be finished this weekend, then I’ll get started on the needed bits, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a full edit done by around the 21st so I can send it off for a review.

Tomorrow I’m taking the kids for a late Easter egg hunt at a barn in the west where my brother in law has a horse. Since the hunt only starts at noon, I’m hoping for cool weather, and maybe a few clouds, otherwise my kids will be picking up some very mushy bits of chocolate.


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