Sigh (Again)

So the worst part of having no dial tone or Internet last night and all of today was having a technician come over this evening and prove that the problem was somewhere inside my house. I have a single phone wire coming in, and it splits off in a half dozen directions where it terminates in the basement, one of those branches splits off into a further four (it’s an old house, so this is the remnants of when it was considered useful to have a phone jack in every room). I don’t need anywhere near so many connections any more, due to the miracle of having one central unit with several cordless phones, so I’ve disconnected all of the wires from the main and am adding them back one at a time in order of usefulness, starting with Internet access and the aforementioned cordless-phone-octopus. I only have a few more to go of the ones we’re actually using, and may not test all of the others to see which wire is causing the problem since it feels like a waste of time. Still, it’s a pain to know that I wasted the guy’s time and could have maybe fixed the problem last night.

That’s what I get for assuming I knew what the problem was, despite it never having been my wiring through any of the outages I’ve had over the last ten years, and especially during the recent bout of bad service. Never assume!

In any case, the Internet-free evening let me get some writing done and catch up on some unwatched episodes of the Big Bang Theory (yes, I’m an easily-distracted squirrel, bite me). I finished the first part of my graphic novel script last night (22-page comic, 29-page script, I don’t know how that ratio compares to the pros, or whether it’s a good thing or not), and added about five pages to the short story. So today I’m doing a detailed outline of the next part of my Script Frenzy script. I’m hoping to write all six parts this month, and the first part took me ten days. In those ten days however, I’ve also outlined and written almost half of a very long short story, outlined the main part of the script itself, and taken a couple of nights off due to family events and a massive headache, so I think I can get to the point where I can write one in 3-4 days with the right focus. We shall see, but I am definitely not worried about hitting the 100-page target for Script Frenzy. Things continue to almost write themselves this month, I just need to make sure the things get the time that they need.

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