A pleasantly quiet shift at the day job today. Things were accomplished, but not because everybody who was asking for things was asking as though they were on fire, which is a nice change from the usual. This is the nice thing about extended holiday weekends. You sometimes get a day to catch up, or just to not fall behind.

And speaking of not falling behind, I made progress on a lot of writing fronts today, adding five pages to my Script Frenzy effort. I also tacked 1,000 words onto the short story in progress in less than an hour, and I even read an entire collected edition of a graphic novel (Transmetropolitan, Volume 6). All that and it’s not even eleven yet, so I still have lots of time to put even more story into that short story.

Where that short story is concerned, it’s coming together like cat fur and clothing. I’m having no issues at all going from outline to draft, although I’m starting to worry a bit about the length. Right now it stands at roughly 3750 words and my outline says I’m still a bit shy of being 1/3 of the way through the thing, which means this story risks weighing in at somewhere around 13,000 words when all is said and done. I’m not a stickler for enforcing any sort of word limits on my stories (they get written to the length they get written and that’s all there is to it), but that’s heading in the direction of being the longest short story I’ve ever written (previous heavyweight champion was roughly 8,250), and it’s heading deep into novelette territory. We’ll see how the rough draft turns out, and then how much of it comes out in the wash before I call it a revised draft, but still. 13,000 is a beast and even a heavy, prejudiced round of editing probably wouldn’t cut out much more than about 15%.

As always, time will tell.


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