The kids… are remarkably calm for Easter, though my oldest was up at something like five o’clock in anticipation, maybe four thirty (he knows he isn’t allowed to leave his room until after six).

I managed to keep writing for a while after blogging last night and, with a very detailed outline, got down almost three thousand words on a new short story. For me, that’s a pretty damned solid pace over three hours, considering I was punctuating my writing time heavily with laundry folding and other things. All told, I think I may have spent about an hour and a half actually writing, and so I’m very happy with the numbers, and so far I’m happy with the story, too. It’s going exactly where I want it to go, and it’s a whole lot of fun to write. I don’t know that it’s the type of story I’d ever be able to sell, but at least it’s writing. It’s nice when the work feels easy.

For today, I have some more chores to finish up but I’m getting some words down on my script before heading off to my in-laws for an egg hunt and supper. I’d rather be working on the short story, but I don’t like the idea of falling behind on the graphic novel, and i have a long way to go before the end is in sight. I don’t think I’ll come anywhere close to making my daily quota (roughly 2700 words) but the almost 5000 I managed yesterday means that it won’t be a very big problem when things are averaged out at the end of the month.

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