The Season Ends…

Not a real season, just the hockey season. Tonight the Montreal Canadiens wrap up their dismal 2011-2012 season and I have to say I’m fairly happy with their third-from-the-bottom finish (out of 30 teams), though I was hoping for worse. Hoping because finishing closer to the bottom means picking earlier in the draft which means getting a solid piece of talent to hopefully rebuild around. It’s something that’s been lacking in Montreal for a long time. Many of the worst teams of the last fifteen years or so have drafted fresh talent, done a good job of surrounding that talent, and made it to success (Boston, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Carolina). The biggest problem is that Montreal has a raving mad fan base which won’t allow the management to do any less than send up to the salary cap. This means they often end up a marginal team, which means they get marginal picks, and the cycle starts fresh every year. This means they grab whichever free agent is available that’s worth money and have to hope the chemistry starts to kick in during the season. It rarely does. Much better to wipe the slate clean, bring in some top-notch talent to develop, and then fill in the team with the missing NEEDED pieces than the available pieces. Sadly, they won’t be able to wipe the slate completely clean because they have some expensive bits and pieces that aren’t going anywhere unless someone is willing to trade for them. Still, I’m anxious to see what the 2012 NHL entry draft looks like, and where the Canadiens actually end up in the selection order.

On the writing front, today is shaping up to be a much better day than yesterday, despite being a household chore day and having to go out to do a bit of groceries. I added five pages to my Script Frenzy effort, bringing me up to nineteen. That’s slightly below pace for the month, and is definitely below pace for my personal target, but it’s encouraging since I’ve been doing a pile of other writerly things on top of it. I’m expecting to have several days where I’ll easily put down ten to twelve pages and hit all of my monthly targets for this project (100 pages for Script Frenzy, probably 175ish for my own satisfaction).

I’m putting the script away for now because tonight is devoted to short story writing, and I hope to make a lot of progress because tomorrow is most likely going to be a very low word count day. I’ll be heading to my in-laws for Easter supper, and that’s going to eat up most of my afternoon and all of my evening. I’m not going to hit my daily pace but with enough work today I’ll still be ahead of where I need to be for the month. Given the massive meal at the sugar shack yesterday and the massive meal tomorrow for Easter, it’s not helping me lose any weight, but that’s what Monday’s for. I think I may officially rename Monday as  Saladday. Maybe every other day of the week, too, or the whole month.

Look not for the salad-reaping rabbit of Easter, for it is I…

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