Good Friday

Today was supposed to be a write-like-mad day but it didn’t happen. I managed to add two pages to my script, which is half-decent. I was expecting to work on it more tonight but it’s not going to happen.

This afternoon  went outside to play with my kids and rake some of the leaves left over from last fall, then we came in and had a game of Monopoly. My oldest son likes it because it’s the Star Wars edition and the rules are about as simple as it gets. I hate it because Monopoly really is pretty close to scraping the bottom of the barrel where board games are concerned. It’s interesting for a few rounds, then about halfway through it becomes fairly obvious who’s going to end up winning and the rest is a downward spiral of forcing people into making the least worst choices until they lose everything they have. What’s worse is once you’ve got a slight upper hand, it’s extremely difficult NOT to kick everybody else’s ass because that’s just the way the game works. So I won, and even though I would have been willing to play down and let my son win, it wasn’t much of an option. You go where the dice send you and pay what you pay. Sure you can cut deals and be nice, but there really isn’t a whole lot of strategy going on.

After that we met up with some friends for a supper at a sugar shack. I’d been to this one before and knew what to expect from the menu, and wasn’t disappointed, though I do not feel fit to be rolled around.

I don’t know if it’s the overeating, or that my contact lenses are due to be replaced and I’m just suffering from the effects of eye strain, but I have a splitting headache and so I’m going to hit the sack early in he hopes of a decent word count tomorrow. Even writing this blog post makes me feel like my brain is being eaten from the eyeballs back, so that’s a pretty good indication that I ought to go crash.

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