And We’re Off!

Well… almost. As soon as this blog post goes up I’m switching over to my manuscript for Script Frenzy and getting started on the first issue of the planned graphic novel series. I did manage to do a pile of other stuff today as well, so I’m close to quota for the day (just over 2000 words so far) and that with lots of time to spare before I fall into bed. I have a feeling hat this new outlining method I’m trying out is going to really, really help my word count. If it works as well as I hope it does, I’m going to document it in a future blog, mostly so I have a recipe I can follow again in the future but also in case it helps someone else out there. In a nutshell, the problem was that I’ve always knows that I was an outline writer, but I’ve been outlining both not enough, and also sometimes outlining the wrong things. It’s not something I want to go into great detail over right now because it bears some mulling over and, most likely, a little bit of tweaking. Plus I want to make sure it actually has a positive effect on my writing before I go all Mr. Enthusiastic over it.

So, I have my characters (both good and bad, major, minor, and incidental), I have my setting (my own home town, for the first time ever), and I have my sequence of events, broken down into six parts (this for a story arc covering six regular sized comic book issues, where I initially thought that it would be eight,) each of which has its own little ups, downs, conflicts and resolutions. The only thing left is to start, and to not touch Skyrim again until I’ve stopped 😛

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