April 1st

I have to say that today was a rather pleasant April Fool’s Day. Normally my RSS feed is packed full of abject stupidity and it pisses me off to no end. True, sometimes you do get the clever little bit of whatever but for the most part it’s transparent, asinine stuff. When I was younger it was fun, because you’d only have to deal with a few pranks here and there and everybody knew that it was over at noon, but now in The Age of Internet it can last for somewhere close to thirty six hours and it’s more tiresome than anything else.

I don’t know if the rest of the world, like me, has gotten a little bit tired of the tradition because the load of crap seemed lessened today. A few friends on Facebook with obviously fake status updates, a few bits of also-obviously fake news bits, but generally the load seemed greatly lessened compared to previous April 1sts. This gem from Google is probably my favourite this year, and I really hope they leave in the 8-bit option for Google Maps as a permanent feature because it’s brings back such a happy feeling of nostalgia that it’s hard to contain.

In completely less fun topics, today was laundry and cleaning and general hate-worthy chores day, then supper at my in-laws and back here to put the kids to bed and fold the last of the laundry.

More happily, somewhere in the middle of all that I managed to write over three thousand words today, which is about the best I’ve done on any single day in well over a month, maybe closer to two, and I’m not even done yet since I feel like I still have a bit of steam left in the old engine. I still haven’t started my script Frenzy script, but I haven’t been this prepared to write something in a while. I’m trying a different method of outlining my stuff, and so I started with the characters (bios, details, and motivations) rather than the usual, which is starting with a laundry list of events in the rough order in which I think they should happen. I have a good idea why that’s working better than my old method, and it’s something I may dig into conceptually in another post, but suffice it to say for now that I’m happy to be the sort of old dog who can learn new tricks and completely change my process and habits when it becomes perfectly clear that they just aren’t working any more. I’ve also recently read something which seems best described as a bit like micro-outlining, which I intend to try as well, but that part will come a little later.


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