Bit of a hectic day today. Despite the late night last night, I was pretty energetic this morning since I was able to sleep in until about 9:30. Not too shabby for a weekend.

Once the kids were fed, dressed, and ready to move, we had to go do some last minute shopping, since my youngest was scheduled to attend a birthday party in the early afternoon and nobody had had the time to do the present-hunting (The invitation came very recently any my wife and I were both working for the last few days). So, present, card, gift bag… Then off the island to the bowling alley where the party was happening.

While my youngest hung out with his friends, I got a separate lane for myself and my oldest and we had a couple of games to ourselves. He’s been bowling before, but always with the big pins and this time he wanted to try the duck pins (And when looking to see if that was what it was actually called, I learned that in Quebec we play a particularly unique variant. It’s strange to learn that something so common here is not at all like what they play everywhere else.)  They also had this strange mobile ramp for the kids at the bowling alley we went to. Basically it’s a four-foot high slide, you put the ball at the top and roll it down in the direction you want. I’d never seen anything like that before but it was good for the kids I suppose, it definitely cut down on the number of gutterballs. Anyways, both kids kicked my butt, with scores of 108 and 109. The best I managed was an eighty-something (without the ramp, mind you).

After that it was back home, did some cleaning, cooked supper, did some more cleaning, and spent the night polishing up my background material for the graphic novel script I’ll be writing in April.

And since it’s past midnight, Script Frenzy has officially started! I was planning on staying up late to get an early start, but tomorrow’s going to be another big day and I’d rather be rested for it. So I’m going to put away my outline and my character bios now and get a fresh start in the morning.

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