Playing The Odds

I’m looking forward to turning the page on March in a couple of days. A serious case of the writer blues at the beginning, a serious case of work-madness in the middle, and a serious cold and gastro double-header at the end means there’s a lot to forget. I didn’t get anywhere near hitting my targets for the month, but I am optimistic for next month. I know, I’ve said it before, but I mean it this time. I’m starting to get back up to speed now and with any luck I’ll get into a solid stride and be able to keep it up through April and beyond.

At this point I’m unwilling to say what my odds are of making good on my New Years resolutions, but some of them are starting to look insurmountable. I have a habit of setting the bar high and expecting to fail, meaning I’m almost never disappointed in myself, but I have to admit I’d be kicking myself a lot if I didn’t manage what I planned for this year, or at least I would if I gave up in April. What I really need is a way to change my mindset, but it would be easier if I had an idea what I needed to change toward.

In time-wasting news, tomorrow I’ll be going to a friend’s house for a friendly poker tournament. I have no aspirations of greatness at all. I’ve played Texas Hold ‘Em precisely three times in my life, and other forms just as rarely. I couldn’t tell you whether I have a poker face or not, but I definitely have a sub-professional idea of what makes a good hand to bet on or what my odds are at any given time. I’m generally pretty conservative in my betting so I’ve never been the first one out, but I’ve never been the last one standing either. My odds of winning are pretty slim, so I’m just going to focus on adjusting my odds of having a good time while hanging out with some friends.


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