Living in the Future

Every once in a while, some bit of science news comes along and completely blows my mind. Today it’s this article.

Face transplants have been around for a few years, but there haven’t been very many of them done, and I don’t imagine any of them have involved this much reconstructive surgery.

And it goes beyond the fact of simply having a full face where there wasn’t one before. The article mentions that the guy is starting to regain feeling and is starting to be able to shave. Shaving! Real hair, growing out of a face which was cut off someone else and basically stapled on. Straight out of science-fiction and into your news feed. I tend to think of medical advances in terms of big things like cures for diseases or development of anti-aging tech, but it’s also this: It’s 150 doctors coming together to completely change the course of just one life. Maybe in a few years it will only take a half-dozen doctors, or they’ll be able to vat grow a new face from cells, but it’s still incredible to see things like this being done which had never been done before when my first son was born eight years ago.

It’s always been the job of science fiction to imagine the possibilities, but it always surprises me when people actually manage to make those possibilities a reality. I hope I never stop being impressed by it.


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