The planned work last night went well, but I was called again around a quarter to three and spent an hour or so on something else. From that point, it doesn’t really matter how late you sleep in. Having your sleep broken at that time, and for that long, will pretty much break your chance to get any useful rest, especially if kids start running around the house at some point.

I spent a big part of the day trying not to fall asleep in laundry or dishes, and did end up cancelling my gaming session because there’s no way I’m going to be awake enough to make a good run at it. As a player, you can get away with sort of half paying attention, since there are other people there to drive the action and pick up the slack, but as the person running the game, I can’t really expect anyone else to be having a good time if I’m falling asleep at the dice.

Blessing in disguise, I guess. Now I get an extra two weeks to plot and plan. And now that the kids are sleeping, I’m going to go and do the same thing.

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