It Never Ends

Man, I hate to come here and post again about how unexpected work ate my downtime, but that’s what happened again today.

So yes, I got paged for work this morning (before I’d finished my first cup of coffee, the bastards), and spent a bug chunk of my day staring at my work laptop while having people talk/shout into my ear. All this leads to boring posts for several reasons.

First, and obviously, it gets repetitive to hear someone whine about the same thing on a regular basis, so there’s the boredom factor.

Second, when I’m stuck working during what’s supposed to be my downtime, well, I’m not doing anything interesting besides work so I generally have less to talk about. If I’m not going to talk about what I do at work during seven and a half hours, I’m not going to talk about it when I do it for eleven or fourteen hours either, but it means I haven’t done anything that I do feel like mentioning.

Lastly, when I’m working I tend to ignore the news and my RSS feed, so I tend to get out of the loop. Not only am I not doing anything noteworthy, but I’m not reading about the noteworthy things other people are doing, so I have less to comment on.

I did manage to get out to my friend’s house for his birthday barbecue, and managed to get some board gaming in, but had to leave early because I was home in time for… you guessed it, work. Hopefully it won’t take too long tonight and I’ll be able to get some sleep. If tomorrow’s another rough day, I’m going to have to cancel my evening tabletop role-playing session. I could use the entertainment and socializing, but nobody’s going to have a good time if I’m exhausted and bitchy.


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