Yay for Normal Weather

It looks like the hot weather we’ve had over the past few days is going to give way to only warm weather tomorrow, and down to more seasonable, and sensible, cool early-spring weather over the coming week. This is a great relief to me. I don’t do hot weather very well at the best of times, and if March was throwing 29 degrees celsius in my face (5-10 being about average), I was fucking terrified of what the weather was saving up for July-August.

As expected, I started working on my background info for Script Frenzy. Unexpectedly, I have a massive cramp in one of my hands that’s decided for me that I’m going to stop earlier than planned. It won’t do me any good if I make my word quota tonight only to spend tomorrow walking around like a T-Rex. So another early night to bed, but I plan on catching up on some reading before conking out so it won’t be a total loss.

That still sucks because I’m not terribly tired but it’ll be my fourth night in a row going to bed early. I know, I know… getting eight hours of sleep in a night isn’t something most people would consider to be a huge problem, but for someone who usually goes to bed around one or two o’clock in the morning, sometimes later, eleven o’clock feels kind of like the middle of the afternoon. It feels like I’m getting old. I’m chalking up the past few days to recovery from that nasty cold that hit me at the tail end of last week and dragged out over the weekend, but I don’t like being tired for no good reason.

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