It’s A Trap!

Today I did a few things, and none of them came very close to “being productive”.

First, I got up earlier than I normally would on a day where the kids slept over at my in-laws and I was recovering from a cold, but that’s okay. I got up early to get myself and a well-packed bad ready for a trip to downtown Montreal with the kids to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade. My wife was already down there with the car (she was in the parade with a pipes and drums band) so my plan was to head down on public transit.

That brings me nicely to the second thing I did today. I re-learned why it is that I farking hate taking public transit, especially on days when there’s anything beyond a normal load of people. I took a relatively early bus, one which should have brought me downtown about 45 minutes before parade start. By the time we got on, near my house, it was standing room only, and a few stops later the bus was just blowing past stops lined with people because there wasn’t any room for them. The mayor of Montreal bitches a lot about cars in his city and reducing the load, but add a couple of buses to accommodate the people who’ve chosen to leave their cars at home on a day where the city’s planned a major party in the heart of downtown? Nope. Run just one damned train what would get people from the suburbs downtown before the fun started? Hell no. I’m just glad my mother-in-law dropped me off at the nearby bus stop rather than going with my original plan of taking the second car to the airport train station and busing in from there. I would have waited in line for an hour before getting a bus to let me on. Or, more likely, I would have given up and driven in, doing exactly what I’d set out to avoid doing in the first place.

One thing that was on our side was the weather. I’ve been to a lot of these parades, and I don’t remember the last time it wasn’t cold and or raining and or snowing and or whatever other miserable weather condition you’d expect at the tail end of winter. It was hot today, close to thirty degrees celsius at one point. This is one of the points of the year where the weather gets hard to predict (the other being the warm-cold transition of fall), and so does the needed wardrobe. You’ll wear a coat one day and boil to death, leave it at home the next and you’re frostbitten. Even checking the weather doesn’t help, because they’re often off by five or six degrees, and the difference between fourteen degrees and twenty when all you have is a t-shirt is pretty noticeable. Thin layers are key, and I think it’s all some sort of trap by mother nature to cull the unwary and unprepared.

After the parade, the kids and I grabbed some food, my wife picked us up and we headed off to a friend’s house for an impromptu barbecue and some board games. There are two new games I’ve been laying which I want to talk about in-depth but it’ll have to wait for a blog post that isn’t being written at almost two in the morning.

Bed now, because work tomorrow.

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