Getting Better.

I ended up staying awake until something close to 2:30 am last night for work, but the odd thing is that somewhere in doing that, where I would have thought that it would wreck me completely, it somehow cured my congestion. Around one o’clock or so, I stopped sniffling completely. I’d chalked it up to the medication at the time, but I haven’t needed any at all today. All I was left with today was a mild fever, chills, and a headache. It sounds bad, but the coughing’s what I hate most. If I’m done with that I’ll consider it good.

I had the house to myself today, so it was a good day to rest up and catch up on some housework. Tomorrow’s a somewhat busy day with the parade and all, so a somewhat early night to bed, if I don’t fall asleep in front this movie first.

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